John 1:1-18 (online here)

First was Meaning*
Godward and Godful
Entry to all else
Lively and all-enlightening.

Then was Meaning enfleshed
Living among us
Shining bountifully and truthfully
Unquenched by rejection
In the face of Jesus Christ.

No one has ever seen God.
Lively, all-enlightening Meaning
Enfleshed, rejected, unquenched
Uniquely born of God’s own heart
Powers all who are open
Into godful birth**
Making God known.

*This is not an exact translation, but I take it to indicate “Meaning” that endures in John 1:1-18. “Logos” CAN be translated as “Meaning.” That is at least one way in which the passage speaks to me today.
**John later attributes this birth to Spirit (3:5-8). But he has not worked out a doctrine of the Trinity.