The interrobang is a hybrid punctuation mark that combines an exclamation point with a question mark—exclamation/interrogation. We at GraceUnlimited find it an apt symbol for this adventurous community of faith. Enduring faith enlivens endless questions; endless questions enliven enduring faith. 

The central story that shapes our community underscores this.

Jesus lived a provocative life of all-embracing love, died a disheartening death, only to become more empoweringly alive than ever. His uncontainable life brings God’s uncontainable life home to us. The way Jesus lived, died and lives with us is the way God lives, dies and lives with us. That’s our central story, and we’re not just readers—we’re characters. The story’s unfinished without us.

Folks, this is an endless mystery! An all-enlivening mystery, but still a mystery. It’s not some tidy formula that guarantees success on our terms. It’s an unfinished story. It’s a story with direction, but it’s beyond control. It’s not a bunch of pat answers. The God we follow, the God whose life Jesus’ life embodies, is inescapable and incomprehensible—both at once. What an adventure!



Both at once—interrobang. 

May your faith be an adventure.