When devastating events occur, those of us who are religious or spiritual often find ourselves asking how it could have happened. People who believe in a loving God naturally want to know how God could have been involved in all this. Those are natural questions to ask, but they’re not always helpful.

My Anglican strand of Christian faith is often accused of being weak on providing explanations, and that’s at least partly true. But that’s because one of our main convictions is this:

An explanation isn’t as important as simply being there.

We worship and follow a God who couldn’t escape a criminal’s execution, just so God could be there with us even in the most devastating circumstances.

That’s not a God who explains much and it’s certainly not a God who promises to rescue us from the world’s suffering.

Instead it’s a God who says, “Just be there. Offer yourself to those who suffer. And I’ll be with you.”

Just be there.

Fr. Charles