No matter how odd, no matter how broken you seem to be, you are already embraced by what I and other Christians have come to name the All-Embracing Communion of God’s Spirit in Jesus Christ, and that embrace is already drawing you relentlessly to embody all-embracing communion in your life here and now. That’s the Gospel (translation: “good news”).

Maybe you can’t make up your mind about what God or Jesus or Spirit have to do with any of this, if anything.

Don’t worry about that right now.

Instead, ask yourself if you can sense, or at least consider, how you may already be embraced by all-embracing communion, however you choose to name it, and if so, ask yourself how you can start to embody all-embracing communion in your life here and now.

That’s more important than what you think about God or about Jesus or about Spirit.

In fact, if you begin to sense and embody all-embracing communion, what you think about God or Jesus or Spirit or anything else will change in ways you can’t predict.

That, with all the uncertainties involved, is walking by faith.

It’s the opposite of dogmatism.

And it will turn your life upside down again and again.

—Fr. Charles