We are…

Progressive: We are open to new insights. God encounters us, not only through the Scriptures and traditions of our past, but also through today’s experience and critical thinking.

Traditional: We stand in continuity with generations before us who have encountered God in the life, death and risen life of Jesus Christ. Their past experience is an essential part of who we are today. We are especially informed by the broadly catholic traditions of Anglicanism and Lutheranism.

Inclusive: Whatever your ethnicity, gender, orientation, gender identity or class, whether you are devoutly religious or unapologetically secular, you are welcome to explore and express the unique and irreplaceable gift that you are to us. You are also eligible for election to our leadership team.

Biblical: We listen to the Bible, not as a magical answer book, but as a living Word awakening us to God’s movement among is today. We also listen to what the best of current biblical scholarship can tell us about the Bible.

Contemplative: We open ourselves in prayer and contemplation to the all-enlivening, all-sustaining, all-embracing presence of God in our lives, trusting that opening ourselves in this way always makes a wholesome difference in the world around us.

Justice-Seeking: Just as the Word became flesh long ago, God’s common life with us calls for embodiment in just and peaceable relationships here and now. We are drawn to make a difference, and so we encourage involvement in movements for the common good.